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WHO’S B.O.B? Black Owned Businesses: have suffered generations of being disenfranchised. CORPlatinum creates this level playing field by offering a service where vendors showcase their untapped talents and thrive.

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Behind every great idea CORPlatinum has a place for you! We have created a space for All Responsible Business who would like to enhance their presence to the public and where customers can shop from the comfort of their home or office. Advertise your business with us. Request a quote from local vendors in your area, purchase or sell your products with us and share your thoughts on our blog forum. Whatever your needs, CORPlatinum is linking services for you!

Martin & Working With CORPlatinum Group Inc.

I've been working with CORPlatinum Group for quite a few years and their quality is remarkable. Carlton has been very reliable and very loyal.

Martin - Toronto

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